Oatmeal Honey Soap
Oatmeal Honey Soap

Oatmeal Honey Soap


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Oatmeal and honey has been used for hundreds of years to improve skin's health. Today it is just as popular and used in a vast amount of skin and beauty products. Honey has properties that soften, protect and soothe a number of skin conditions. Oatmeal has properties that naturally brighten and soften your skin. This soap is made with pure and raw local honey when combined with oatmeal produces a soap that moisturizes and conditions your skin while leaving it clean and refreshed. The addition of avocado oil and shea butter in this soap makes it a luxurious one your skin will love.

CC’s Soap-in-A-Pouch are made with high quality oils and some with butters. They are made in small batches for guaranteed preciseness in measurement and quality assurance. Every effort is made in combining oils that benefit and improve the integrity of your skin. I love making different kinds of soap and also enjoy making the more traditional handmade soaps. I will not however use artificial perfumes or colorants.

Honey oatmeal soap is made with saponified extra-virgin olive, coconut and palm oils. Avacado, castor and shea butter. Pure and raw local honey, ground oatmeal and distilled water.

6 oz bars.

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