4-Pack Olive Oil Blocks Soap
4-Pack Olive Oil Blocks Soap
4-Pack Olive Oil Blocks Soap
4-Pack Olive Oil Blocks Soap

Olive Oil Blocks Soap


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Natural Olive oil blocks soap is popular for its gentle cleansing properties. This soap contains moisturizing and conditioning properties that cleanse, soothe and soften your skin. Olive Oil Blocks soaps is also gentle enough for a baby's skin. This is an excellent soap choice for you if you have very dry skin or suffer from skin conditions that leave your skin feeling dry and scaly.

My olive oil soap is made with extra virgin olive oil. Extra-virgin has been used for thousands of years in beauty products and contains loads of skin benefits, especially antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals. Olive oil blocks soap leaves your skin feeling clean, comfortable and conditioned. My son loves this soap and uses it as a complexion bar.

You will receive 4 bars of olive oil soap for a total weight of 16 oz.

Ingredients: Saponified extra-virgin olive oil. Distilled water.

Keep your soap dry in between uses so it can last a very long time.


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