Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Skin Benefits




Extra-virgin Olive Oil

Extra-virgin olive oil or Olea Europaea Oil is one of the best natural moisturizers for your skin and one of the best ingredients to look for in natural soaps. This oil has been popular for ages and has been known for its amazing skin benefits for thousands of years. It was used by Egyptian women in the days of Pharaoh and is noted in ancient text as a cleansing property. Thousands of years ago, Egyptian women would massage the oil on their skin and scrape it off as a form or exfoliation – leaving their skin soft and supple.

High in Antioxidants including Vitamin E

Extra-virgin olive oil is a beautiful and bold oil with a rich deep greenish to golden crystal color. I have always love its color. This oil is readily absorbed by your skin, making it smoother, softer and more youthful looking. Extra-virgin olive oil is loaded with antioxidants that help to protect your skin from harmful free radicals. It’s high Vitamin E content, also an antioxidant, helps to renew skin cells that have been exposed to harmful environmental factors such as too much sun, wind, cold weather and air pollutants.

Oleic Acid

Oleic acid is a fatty acid contained in extra-virgin olive oil. It is a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acids that have wonderful benefits for your skin and body. It helps to produce soft and supple skin. Oleic acid also gives extra-virgin olive oil its anti-inflammatory properties which help to soothe irritations.

Wonderful in Soaps

Extra-Virgin Olive oil is the main ingredient in my natural soaps (add Link) as it produces a top-quality soap that has a long shelf life because of its oleic acid content.  I even make a 100% extra-virgin oil soap called olive oil blocks that has mild cleansing and high conditioning properties for your skin – making it a choice soap if you have extremely dry and sensitive skin. Extra-virgin olive oil produces a soap that has a rich, creamy and moisturizing lather for your skin.

Other Uses for Extra-Virgin Olive Oil:

Skin Scrub

If you have dead skin cells that need to be exfoliated, make a paste of 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and sugar. Mix together and gently massage onto clean wet skin. Rinse thoroughly and your skin will feel silky smooth. I make a body scrub called lavender body scrub that is made with olive oil and lavender essential oil that works great on your skin and face.

Facial Oil

If you want to add some extra moisture to your skin at night, after you have cleansed and dried your skin, apply a very small amount in an upward motion to the skin on your neck and face. In the morning your skin will hydrated and conditioned. I make a complexion bar that would be great to cleanse your skin with prior to this treatment (add link)

Hot Oil Treatment

Extra-virgin olive oil is great to use as a hot oil treatment prior to shampooing your hair. It combats dryness, added moisture, makes is conditioned and adds shine.  Use a cotton ball and apply a few drops of olive oil on it. Separate your hair and apply to entire scalp. Massage for about a minute. Add a little olive oil to the ends of your hair. Apply a warm moist towel to your hair for about a minute then shampoo out.

Bath Oil

If you add 1 teaspoon of olive oil to your bath oil and soak for twenty minutes, your skin will be moisturized, smooth and silky when you get out. Just make sure to take caution as it may make your tub slippery.